Sunday, June 7, 2009

Desktop Collection 2009

Pictures were taken during Aki Hoshino's Top Japanese Model photo shoots in elite model agency "Akava". Private photo gallery with high quality 1000x1500, 1500x1000 resolutions.

Aki Hoshino charming lovely
charming!, lovely! Aki Hoshino

Aki Hoshino desktop wallpapers
desktop wallpapers

Aki Hoshino Private photo gallery
Private photo gallery

Aki Hoshino Top Japanese Model
Top Japanese Model

Aki Hoshino desktops 2009
desktops 2009

Aki Hoshino pretty bikini idol
pretty bikini idol

Aki Hoshino free photo collection
free photo collection

Aki Hoshino gape for someone
gape for someone

Aki Hoshino furtive look
furtive look

Aki Hoshino crawling temptress
crawling temptress

Aki Hoshino free images
free hard-to-find images

Aki Hoshino hot bikini
hot bikini Aki Hoshino

Aki Hoshino sensual and sexy
so sensual and sexy

Aki Hoshino background pics
background pics

Aki Hoshino high quality images
high quality images

Aki Hoshino elite photo shoots
elite photo shoots

Click on the thumbnail and the large image open in a separate window for download background.


  1. Aki sure does have a great figure.

  2. She is a very prettiest girl

  3. will treasure these in my collection.